Mandy Lee


A Little Bit About Mandy:

Mandy Lee, Taiwan-born, Vancouver-raised, and aged in New York until moving to Beijing where I started my food blog in 2012, Lady and Pups - an angry food blog, out of sheer desperation and misery. The blog is dedicated to all the poor and unfortunate souls out there to whom, cooking is not a chore to be tackled, but a great and fantastical escape, a salvation, from the daily unpleasantness that is reality. My cooking focuses on inspirations from traveling and ideas that intrigues my curiosity, sometimes with a little Asian flares. I’m currently residing in Hong Kong with my husband and a, hopefully, growing number of dog-children.

Mandy's Mini Moment:

In Asia there is a lot of street food. When you walk around the city and you see something new and stop - that Mini Moment is when you had no idea what to expect that thing would taste like and you’re like ‘oh my god, that was the best thing ever.’ I think that’s the best thing about traveling - that moment you’re caught off guard.

Visit Mandy's blog LADYANDPUPS, or follow her adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter below.


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