Patrick Janelle


Patrick Janelle | New York, New York

Patrick Janelle is a New York City-based tastemaker, Instagrammer, designer, editor, and curator of unique experiences. With a devoted following of 400,000+ on Instagram, Patrick has developed a voice and community on the platform, which he uses daily to tell the story of his unique life adventures.

Previously a creative at Bon Appetit, Patrick is now the director and co-founder of Spring Street Social Society, and in 2015 he co-founded The Liquor Cabinet, a soon-to-launch digital destination that will offer an authoritative take on liquor and cocktails. Patrick was named Fashion Instagrammer of the Year by the CFDA and has been written about in a wide variety of media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, W, and Elle.

Patrick's mini moment: 

"There’s this moment when you have been away from New York City on vacation or for work or whatever it is, and you’re crossing a bridge - as soon as you see the skyline of Manhattan you remember why you live in the city and why it’s so powerful and so great. It’s really this small Mini Moment that just hits you. This sort of power and awe of the city. Crossing a bridge into manhattan is one of my favorite things that I will probably ever experience."

Visit Patrick's blog A Guy Named Patrickor follow his adventures on Instagram and Twitter below.


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